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The MyNotary Network is an informal group of notaries in England, Wales and Scotland. The MyNotary Network is owned by Law Consultancy Services Ltd and managed by Lisa Preuveneers. Lisa works closely with notaries on a weekly basis, advising on compliance matters, monitoring administration and business development generally.

Notaries in England and Wales are regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

How can a MyNotary notary help?

Short notice, last minute and emergency notarisations welcome! We believe in quality customer service. We are here when you need us and can assist with the legalisation of any type of document.
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Real Estate Forms
If you are buying a property in France you will be given a very long, often 20 pages, document know as a ...
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Business Documents
MyNotary can assist and advise on the many different types of documents and certificates required to facilitate international trade …
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Academic Certificates
Notarised copies of professional qualifications are required to combat fraud; MyNotary will check that the ...
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Working or Travelling abroad
For example, when a doctor takes up a post in Australia, there are lots of documents to be certified with a particular form of wording …
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Power of Attorney
A multi-purpose, signed as a Deed, document; used, for example, when buying or selling property overseas or lodging a medical patent …
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Additional Documents
When you have business There is a whole range of documents that may be required When claiming a pension from another country

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