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Welcome to our Additional Resources

Welcome to our Additional Resources

For members of the MyNotary Network

This unlinked page lists additional free resources prepared especially for members of the MyNotary Network and clients of Law Consultancy services Ltd.

Additional Resources: client-facing online blog

The purpose of the MyNotary Blog is for clients to find and choose you for notarial work – and any other legal services you offer.  In business, cash-is-king, however, as far as websites go, content-is-king.  The MyNotary Blog contains topics your ideal client will find useful or interesting and that are based on real experience.

Additional Resources: MyNotaryBlogPLUS Newsletter

Whilst not part of the notary’s remit to advise, we think that background knowledge can be interesting and helpful when notarising certain documents; and can count as qualifying (non accredited) Continuous Professional Education (CPE)!  The MyNotaryBlogPLUS Newsletter is mailed out to all MyNotary Members each September and sent by email  three or four times a year. Every  addition features ‘New Kid on the Blog’, MyNotary Network ‘chatter’ and links to access further study notes.

So, for notaries to build on the client-facing topics at MyNotary website blog   we prepare additional study notes:

  • • September 2020:    Back to normal? Coming soon for Premium Plus members.
  • • June 2020:        New look, new blog and this three-page feature with additional study links – Notarial services no longer legal!  a report just out calls for there to be a single regulator of all legal services.  The 340-page final report recommends a move away from the current reserved activities. To save you time, we have taken a look and tell you what is said under thee section Notarial activities.
Additional resources: non-accredited Continuing Professional Education

As mentioned above, additional study notes are prepared from time-to-time to support topics mentioned in the client facing MyNotary blog.

These BlogPLUS features are currently available for download.

• Companies House Changes

 • Intellectual-Property-Patents-Copyright-and-Trademarks

• Download a CPE Training Record in Word Format

Additional resources: accredited Continuing Professional Education

There are no accredited seminars or distance learning programmes available for the CPE year ending 31st October 2020.

A programme for 2020/21 CPE year will be posted on 1st December 2020.

Coming soon for Premium Plus Members*: MyNotaryNEWS

This newsletter will focus more on the ‘Business of Being a Notary’.  Features to come and topics for seminars (some, sadly, will not be non-accredited for CPE as the Faculty Office does not allow “general business” to be accredited!) include:

  • • Let the client take the strain: online Client Registration Forms
  • • Making the best of Microsoft’s Office 365: collaborative and productive online working
  • • Cyber security; simple and more complex ways of being safe online
  • • Notaries Now: a new-look for the Faculty Office web site, rules, regs and our usual general round up of what’s new.

*additional fees may apply

Want to know more?

Please contact me, Lisa, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for content or want to know more about the MyNotary Network or our ‘Business of Being a Notary’ consultancy and advice service.

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