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The MyNotary Network is an informal group of notaries in England, Wales and Scotland. The MyNotary Network is owned by: 
Law Consultancy Services Ltd and managed by Lisa Preuveneers.
Lisa works closely with notaries on a weekly basis, advising on compliance matters, monitoring administration and business development generally.
Notaries in England and Wales are regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Lisa is accredited by the Faculty Office to provide continuing professional education (CPE) to notaries in England and Wales.

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We, at the MyNotary Network, as marketing business development experts, provide members with operational assistance as well as a be-found-on-the-internet service.  In addition, we can advise notaries on an individual basis.

MyNotary Associate Membership
just £25 per month

  • Associate member’s entries are marked by a blue ‘balloon’ marker on the Home page map.
  • Visitors will click-through to view the notary’s full contact details.
  • Receive regular copies of The MyNotaryINFORMER
  • Join up now and receive our ‘How to Prepare a Written Risk Assessment Policy’ feature article
MyNotary Network: Premium Plus Membership
from £65 a month

  • Premium Plus members member’s entries are marked by a more prominent yellow marker on the Home page map.
  • Visitors will click-through to more comprehensive MyNotary 3-page ‘mini’ website and enjoy the benefits of multiple listings across the internet and most major search engines.
  • Notaries may use the space available to promote other legal services.
  • Premium Plus MyNotary members are listed at  – the site that attracts thousands of visitors a month!
  • We make and manage separate MyNotary websites for our members: e.g. &
  • Receive regular copies of The MyNotaryINFORMER
  • Receive a discount on accredited notarial CPE

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